Ashutosh Phatak, musician, composer and producer has been a part of the music scene for the last 15years. More fondly known as Ashu, he started his career composing jingles with more than 4000 commercials and 10 feature films to his repertoire.

Being an ardent supporter of live music led to the collaborative venture that is Blue Frog, a one of a kind platform to the many performing musicians. Blue Frog evangelizes music and musicians from every genre, from every part of the universe. Ad jingles continue to keep Ashu busy, but it has never stopped him from being a performer... from the naïve college band Orphean Revival to his first psychedelic rock album ‘Sigh of an Angel’ he keeps growing as a musician and artist. He recently released his second album titled Petridish Project – an evolution in style, an experiment with new sounds and a testament of his journey through BlueFrog.
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